Copper Water Bottle Hammered 900 milliliters,Brown

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Copper Water Bottles by Signoraware

Copper has historically been known as a metal with many health benefits for the human body. Copper utensils have forever been used in kitchen and dining rooms in India and the world. Signoraware introduces this magical metal and brings you a world of health.




Made from 100% Pure Copper

Signoraware Copper bottles are fashioned out of 100% Pure copper sheets with no joints.


The copper water bottles from Signoraware come with fingerprint-proof Finish.

Silicone Seal

Silicone seal under the lid ensures smooth and effortless opening and closing of the bottle. 100% Pure Copper Lid.




Hammered and Matte Finish

Signoraware copper products are available in two types of finishes – matte and hammered. Pick the style that defines your taste better.

Easy to Carry

For a wonderful bottle that it is, this Signoraware copper bottle also slips easily into the side pockets of your backpacks and bottle holders of your car. Happy beveraging!

Wild Mouth Easy to Clean

Signoraware copper products are designed in a way that makes them very easy to clean.

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