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Electronic variable browning control,illuminated defrost and cancel buttons, crumb tray, bigger 32 mm bread slot, 7 heat setting with electronic variable browning, cord winder, 2 slice cool touch, auto bread centering, hi-lift knob for removing small bread. Bread is one of the easiest obtainable foods, and toasted bread is one of the simplest yet versatile options when it comes to quick-bites. Pop-up toaster is really convenient when compared to the traditional method of roasting. Havells has employed the latest technology to manufacture this pop-up toaster. It features a stainless steel cage housing to protect it against rusting, a defrost functionality, electronic variable browning and reheat function. Havells toaster offers you crispy and crunchy bread every time you turn them on. Moreover, its so easy-to-use that even kids can use it without any trouble. Cool Touch Body The toaster features the unique cool touch body. This feature ensures that however hot the inside of the toaster gets, the outside body of the toaster remains well-insulated and cool. The cool touch body lets you handle the toaster without the fear of getting burned. Stainless Steel Cage The cage of the toaster is made of food grade stainless steel. This makes the toaster more hygienic since the stainless steel makes the cage rust-resistant. The stainless steel cage toasts the breads in the optimum way just as you want them. 2 Slice Pop up Toaster This toaster is a 2 slice toaster. It will evenly toast your breads just as you want it. Moreover, the toaster is compatible with breads of all sizes. 7 Heat Settings The toaster features a 7 heat setting control. This feature gives you a greater amount of flexibility on how much you want to toast the bread enabling you to customise the brown-ness and the crispiness of the bread just as you want it. With this electronic variable browning feature this toaster is stunningly fast at toasting your bread slices evenly. Defrost Functionality The toaster comes with a defrosting button. This button allows you to take the bread out of the cooler or and pop it in the toaster directly without having to wait for the bread to cool down. This feature saves you a lot of time as you do not have to pop out the bread after defrosting, and you can toast it directly in the cage after defrosting it. Bread Release Knob Even though the toaster is a pop-up toaster and it pop-ups the bread automatically after they are done, this toaster also sports a convenient bread release knob. It lets you get the breads out of the toaster safely and easily if you happen to use the mid-cycle cancelling option.

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