Gala Microfiber Twist Mop for Floor Cleaning ,Microfiber Squeeze twist mop stick for cleaning, Pocha for floor cleaning, Modular, Space saving (Blue and Black)

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Twist mop mechanism for hands free floor cleaning: this self-wringing twist mop has easy wring mechanism that wring out water effortlessly. Wet mops for floor cleaning with wringer. Easy wringer keeps you away from dirty water. If you don’t want to touch dirty water while mopping, Gala twist mop is the best choice for you.
Microfiber mop head ensure deeper floor cleaning in one swipe: Microfiber material in the refill absorbs water and traps fine dust and dirt particles easily. Makes floor cleaning experience superior and effortless. Excellent water absorption power with its capillary effect.
No more backpain with adjustable long handle mop stick: no need to bend to use Gala Microfiber mop, with its long and comfortable handle you can clean your floors without bending and stay away from backpain.
Removes tough stains easily: Gala Microfiber twist mop has special scrubber at the bottom, that removes stubborn stains effortlessly.
Easy to install, store unlike local spin mops: the mop is easy to assemble by following three simple steps (includes detailed installation instructions). It is simple to change the refill of the mop.
Washable Microfiber head for long lasting use: self-wringing mop with washable Microfiber mop head, has excellent water absorption, it’s best household wet mop, it also performs well when used as a dry mop, also suitable for using commercial and industrial applications
Gala twist mop comes with 6 months warranty and extra refill: should you need any help about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Gala twist mop comes with 6 months warranty on entire mop.

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