Gala Steel Scrubber Combo Set (Pack of 6)

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Stainless Steel
Surface Recommendation
Stainless Steel
Steel Grey
Special Feature

About this item
Gala presents the Swash Card Stainless Steel Wool Wire Scrub: hard on dried stains but soft on the hand – with magnetic grade steel / Modern design perfect for dirty pots, pans, dishes and utensils
Coarse metal mesh scrub offers a scouring effect for cleaning rust, food or scum in your kitchen or on tile floors – more heavy duty & durable than any ordinary scrubber available
This one-of-a-kind industrial level scrubber pad is designed to improve your dishwashing and scrubbing! Truly the best on the market, top of the line steel wire sponge for your sink or shower
Gala-created scrub pad tool leaves your dishes spotlessly clean, no matter how dirty – with less effort than other products / Long lasting durable quality means no need for short term replacement
Magnetic grade stainless steel
Items delivered: 6x Gala Swash Card Steel Scrubber Pad / Perfect for dishware and surfaces / No Soap Included / Silver

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