Gas Cylinder Trolley with Wheels|Gas Trolly|Lpg Cylinder Stand,Color May Vary

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asy Movement for Your Gas Cylinder The gas cylinder trolley will help you move your heavy gas cylinder from one place to another with easy. Say goodbye to backaches caused by lifting your heavy cylinder around the kitchen. This gas cylinder trolley does the job for you. Simply place your LPG cylinder on it and push it around. Its body is made of strong and durable virgin plastic that can easily bear the weight of a gas cylinders. It sports an attractive red body instantly capturing your attention and blending in with the cylinder. You can use it for years at a stretch thanks to its rust-free quality. Well-balanced, Multi-directional Movement Prevents Scratches. This LPG cylinder trolley is loaded with features that make it a must-have tool in your kitchen. You can move this trolley around easily thanks to the four heavy duty nylon castor wheels it sports. These wheels can move in multiple directions and are placed on the outer rim of this LPG cylinder trolley, ensuring that the cylinder is well balanced on the trolley. The nylon of these castors keeps your kitchen and house floor free of skid marks. You can now move your cylinder seamlessly, in one smooth movement, completely hassle free.

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