MARVEL JR GIFT SET (500+1000+1500)(DTHFFTK148ASSR0008) – CASSEROLE – MILTON – 18192

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Eating hot and fresh food is everyone’s desire and this casserole with a stainless steel interior and plastic outer body retains heat effectively for long periods of time. Now eat a hot and healthy lunch or dinner even on your busy days, or carry them safely for a day out. This effective heat retaining casserole from Milton can make life much easier for you and your family on hectic days. The functional yet stylish design also ensures that you can use it as a beautiful serve-ware on your dinner table. It can also be an ideal companion for your travels and comes with a functional lid which fits snugly, keeps food airtight, and can be easily removed. The inner side of the casserole has a stainless steel body with insulation between the plastic and steel walls. Steel is non-toxic and easy to clean. The insulation ensures that the food remains piping hot for together. Stainless steel has no odour which helps the food to retain its original aroma and flavour. Since the material is corrosion and rust resistant, it is safe, durable and efficient at storing your foods for longer periods of time. The Marvel casserole is designed for keeping food hot for long hours. It has a stainless steel construction on the inside with a plastic outer covering. The steel body heats up easily while the insulation and the plastic outer body, having low conduction, does not let the heat escape. This helps you serve a hot meal hours after you make it. The leak-proof lid of the casserole has a snug fit that does not allow the heat to escape. The lid needs to be twisted sideways for a quick and easy opening. It is also very easy to grip. The casserole has an insulated plastic outer body which does not heat up easily and is easy to hold. Also, the casserole has stylish extended handles on both sides which give a firm hold and make it easy to carry.

Model Name
MARVEL JR GIFT SET (500+1000+1500)
Model Number
Sales Package
3 Casseroles
Lid Included
Dishwasher Safe
Induction Bottom
Oven and Broiler Safe
Freezer Safe
Flame Safe
Handle Material
Lid Material
1450 g

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