Meyer Accent Series Stainless Steel Dutch Oven| Biryani Pot| Cooking and Serving Casserole Pan with Ergonomic Grip Silicone Handles | Gas and Induction Compatible, 5 Liters

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?A CUT ABOVE: Made to be as sturdy as can be, our Dutch oven has thicker than usual stainless steel construction, strengthened by a sturdy base that’s resistant to wear and tear and warping. It keeps everything under control when cooking with high heat, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

?PERFECTION IN THE ROUND: From its height to its shape, this casserole pot is ideal for effortless braising and fits right in the oven after working wonders on the stove top. Bring delicious bubbling recipes right to the table, where meals will look as sumptuous and delicious as they taste. Yum.

?KEEP BUBBLES AT BAY: With all the curves you ever wanted, the Dutch oven’s rounded body and special rim design help catch all those pesky boilovers and keep the bubbles down so you can focus on more important things in the kitchen.

?FINE TO THE FINISH: High performance Meyer Accent stainless steel cookware is finished with hybrid ceramic nonstick exteriors for a sleek, modern, polished look. Give drips and dollops a quick wipe for the easiest cleanup and one of our most stylish, show-off finishes.

?MAKE A PERFECT PAIR: Pair up this stainless steel Dutch oven braiser with a medium or large Meyer Accent universal stainless steel lid, designed to fit a variety of pots and pans as you add to your Accent Series collection (sold separately to minimize cabinet chaos!).

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