Meyer Accent Series Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Silicone Handle | Steel Frying Pan | Steel Pan | Frying pan with Induction Base, 4.5 Liters, 28cm, Black

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✅ GORGEOUS BROWNING, BIGGER FLAVORS: Psst: browning and caramelization are the secrets to flavor development. The trick? Consistent high heat. With a super-thick aluminum-core base design, this saute pan gets ripping hot and spreads heat evenly across the surface — and it stays just as hot as your food hits the pan! That’s how you get those lovely golden brown crusts.
✅ THE SCIENCE OF COMFORT: Cushy and oh-so-grabbable, our handles are engineered for the perfect grip. We rigorously tested our designs with hands of all shapes and sizes, developing a unique curvature that is highly ergonomic.
✅ CONTAINS MULTITUDES: With its deep profile, this beast of a saute pan can really hold a lot of food. Cook up a one-pan feast, enough pasta sauce for a dinner party, or even pan roast an entire chicken.
✅ SHINE ON: This stainless steel sauteeing beauty has a modern, sleek look with built-in high performance. Goes in the oven, shines on the tabletop .
✅ SUPER SMOOTH: All the sauciness, none of the drips. Dish out deliciousness with our drip-free, smooth-pouring rims.

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