Ultra Topp+ Liquidizer 4jar 750W MixerGrinder for Super-fast grinding,HighSpeed,Safety Lock,SS304FoodGradejars(0.5L,0.8L,1.2L,1.2LLiquidizerwithFilter),ABSBody,Serrated blades,5YWarrantyonMotors.(Red)

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Topp Liquidizer





The all-new Topp+ mixer grinder from Ultra. Its food safe stainless steel cylindrical jars are uniquely designed to improve grinding efficiency while the new serrated blades tackle tough ingredients with ease. What’s more, the mixer grinder comes with an additional liquidizer jar that can be used to prepare delicious fruit extracts and milkshakes. The Topp+, powered by a 750W copper motor, is truly the top choice for fine grinding and liquidizing.


750W motor

Powerful motor for fast, even and perfect grinding


AISI 304 food grade stainless steel jars

Rust-resistant food grade stainless steel jars for rust-free healthy food


For fine grinding of tougher ingredients

Topp+ Liquidizer

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Topp+ Liquidizer 750W 4 Jar

The stunning new Ultra Metamix is thoughtfully designed to be tough outside and powerful inside. You can be assured of long life as the body is made of tough metal. This is complemented by the vibrant appearance, which adds a touch of class to your kitchen. The powerful 750W copper motor, combined with uniquely engineered serrated blades, helps you grind swiftly and evenly for perfect results, every time. The Ultra Metamix is extremely safe to use, as all jars comes with jar interlocking safety feature, which also helps prevent coupler damage. With a long life, powerful performance and high safety, the Ultra Metamix is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

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