Wooden Manual Back Scratcher/Itcher/ Back Itching Stick with Double ball Massager (Pack of 2)

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Large Size Massager

Kingsman store One end is shaped to give scratch, the other end has two rollers for massage Use the back scratch to reach areas which can not reached by hands. These cut from nature bamboo. Very strong and sturdy Lightweight and slim, convenient. Material: bamboo. Length: 47cm. On one side the back scratcher will scratch your back and the other will rub it gently. Finger-like back scratcher with long handle makes it more comfortable and convenient to scratch itches where you can’t reach with your own hands, no matter your arms or back. Portable hand wood scratcher, getting relief to those troublesome itchy spots. Package includes: 2 x back scratcher / Itcher

Method of use

You use it for Itching to Every part of body also it has 2 roller massager for relaxing .

Handle Scratcher

With its long handle and finger-like design, the back scratcher is more pleasant and practical for scratching itches that are difficult to reach with your hands.


Multipurpose The claw head of the scratcher can be used for scratching when the head, back, legs etc, stick itching, effectively solve the itching troubles

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